Out Of Order

It appears that ADrive has disabled all my download links. If you click on one, you’ll get this message:

Public File Busy
The public file you are trying to download is busy due to extreme demand.

Not sure what’s going on—perhaps it’s a ploy to coerce a paid upgrade. Or maybe I pissed someone off. Anyway, there’s no “extreme demand” for anything on this blog.

Longtime MOD followers will be familiar with this predicament—I’ve been booted from four other cloud-based file hosting services. Had a pretty good two-year run on ADrive, but I guess it’s time to move on.

I’ll re-up the last two files, but that’s it. Sorry folks—I’m not happy about this, either.


UPDATE > As of 09 January 2014, the ADrive links are active again. Crisis averted for now.

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  1. Percy: “Oh Edmund pay the man and damn his impudence!”
    (Apologies if you’re unfamiliar with Blackadder…)

    I’m very happy to fund a paid for service if it means making your life easier and keeping the blog going.

    • Ha ha! Anglophile though I am, I’ve not yet enjoyed “Blackadder” (it’s on my ‘to-watch’ list). I love Rowan Atkinson too, so it’s sad that I’ve not seen that series.

      Your offer is most generous, sir. Fortunately, the ADrive files are active again, and there are other free file hosting services out there. When I first started the blog, I swore to never spend money on its maintenance (besides buying music, of course, and that doesn’t count). Happily, I’ve not spent a penny to this day :-)

      And so we carry on!

  2. Thanks for the info.

  3. I’m pretty sure Mega won’t kick you, so please try that one.


  5. DjShelf. Downloads seem restored. I’m not sure if I was just lucky.

  6. Does anyone have the following Remixes: ADINA HOWARD – FREAK LIKE ME (E. Smoove Club Mixes)   

    Freak Like Me (Freakin’ House Instrumental)   
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    Freak Like Me (Low Down House Mix)   
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    Would highly appreciate. (jovpronpo@gmail.com)

  7. Maybe consider making mirrors of all your uploads on Uloz.to … it seems that those files never go down. I see files on there that were uploaded over 4 years ago!

    Then you could easily mirror them onto other drives.

    just a thought!

    • Thanks for the advice. I’m trying to make this venture as simple as possible. If the files get taken down, there’s nothing I can do about it – got more important things to worry about!

  8. I was not able to DL mary kainte 100%

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