Turn It Out [Go Base] (US Promo)


01 Turn It Out [Go Base] (7-Inch Edit)
02 Turn It Out [Go Base] (Sky King Remix)
03 Turn It Out [Go Base] (Sky King Dub)

INFO > In the wake of his success with DJ E-Z Rock, Rob Base (Robert Ginyard) cut a solo album, “The Incredible Base.” Opening track “Turn It Out” was also the first single issued to promote the LP. Gail ‘Sky’ King remixed the tune for the 1989 US single release.

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  1. DJ shelf links dont work you must change provider bastards i hate that
    ADRIVE is over – ende Sheet i use Without or Without you in my program and tell my self I download tommorow but suprise link dont work
    do you remember zyppyshare made same thing in yanuary 2013
    now i dont have booth this cd discs you uploaded
    i think all your uploads here is dead
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    im sorry my friend

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  3. Yeah, looks like ADrive pulled the plug on my files. Oh, well – not the first time I’ve dealt with this crap. Sorry everyone.

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