With Or Without You


01 With Or Without You (Eddy Fingers Radio Mix)
02 With Or Without You (Planet Album Mix)
03 With Or Without You (Qattara Tartan Trance Mix)
04 With Or Without You (Spiritual Masters Kik Mix)
05 With Or Without You (Mrs Wood’s White ‘N’ Wood Remix)
06 With Or Without You (Canny Remix)

INFO > Covering a U2 song can be risky business, but that hasn’t hindered countless efforts to tackle the band’s iconic catalog. Produced by Eddy Fingers, Mary Kiani’s trance house take on “With Or Without You” is hardly essential listening. The remixes don’t do much to improve the tune, although I am partial to Qattara’s ‘Tartan Trance Mix’ (referencing Kiani’s Scottish heritage).

Posted on January 6, 2015, in Eddy Fingers, Mary Kiani, Mrs. Wood, Qattara. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Thank you djshelf i looking for this long time ago

  2. Public File Busy

    is it down ?

    • Yeah, I tried the link and got the same message: “The public file you are trying to download is busy due to extreme demand.” Not bloody likely. 46 people downloaded the file, so it works – try again later, I guess. Sorry about that.

  3. Public File Busy. WTF!

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