Thank You!

I greatly appreciate the outpouring of love in the comments section of the prior post—you all certainly know how to make a guy feel appreciated :-)

As my announcement came without any explanation, I wanted to share some reasons for the ‘expiration date.’ First off, I need to focus on my professional development—my current job isn’t providing the sort of fulfillment that one would expect from working at a non-profit organization. Thankfully, my duties as a wildlife capture & transport volunteer help to ‘fill the void’, so to speak. Of course, as much as I enjoy it, volunteering often absorbs much of my free time, thus leaving less time for the blog.

Maintaining the blog is usually a nocturnal activity for me, and I’ve really been feeling the impact of diminished sleeping hours, so I need more rest.

Finally, I’m running low on material to post. I’ve still got some good stuff at the ready, and I am most fortunate to have a couple of generous benefactors contributing to the cause. However, as it is my policy to only offer out-of-print CD singles and compilations, that places limitations on what may be made available from my collection.

So hopefully everyone can understand where I’m at and why I made that decision. And contrary to everything just stated, I have an idea for a new blog, which may or may not appear next summer (if I have the time and energy).

By the way, slacker303 mentioned a poll I wasn’t aware of on Welcome To Wherever You Are. Apparently, Methods of Dance was voted second most popular music blog by Aid00’s followers—not too shabby! And for that, I thank you all again :-)

Posted on December 31, 2014, in SHELF. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. My sugestion for new name
    Clan of MOD

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR,DjShelf-Good Luck For The Year Ahead & Take Time To Chill Out & Come Back Bigger & Stronger & Refreshed

  3. Thanks to you DjShelf !

    it was a real pleasure to read all your posts and all members comments during all these years. You’re an exciting good music narrator. keep the good vibes

    and happy new year to the MOD Squad ;)

  4. DJ Shelf. I wish you a very happy 2015 plenty of love and music. I follow your blog from Chile, and I really appreciate what you do
    Thanks for everything. Muchas gracias


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