21st Century

Courtesy of Andrei: a vintage summer anthem to warm up your weekend. Play on!


01 21st Century (Radio Edit)
02 21st Century (Original Full Length Mix)
03 21st Century (Transfer Club Mix)
04 21st Century (François K Remix)
05 21st Century (Different Gear Mix)

INFO > Never stuck in one groove, Andy Cato (Beat Foundation / Groove Armada) enlisted vocalist Rachel Foster in 2001 for a new project: Weekend Players. The duo delivered a desirable dose of deep house and downtempo tunes on their album, “Pursuit Of Happiness.” Their debut single “21st Century” includes remixes from Mark Jolley & Andy Wright, François Kevorkian, and Gino Scaletti & Quinn Whalley.

Posted on December 19, 2014, in Big C, François Kevorkian, Weekend Players. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Thank you Aндрeй and djshelf
    i looking for this realy hard to find free in this time
    Weekend Players – Pursuit Of Happiness – Remixed Happiness(FFRR – PRCD 400080)
    in earlyes years this is little easy to find and now nowhere

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