01 Running (Vocal Remix)
02 Running (Percappella)
03 Running (‘The Nest’ Remix)
04 Running (Instrumental)

INFO > Kurt Larson and Paul Robb formed Information Society in 1982 while attending university in Minnesota; James Cassidy joined later, creating the group’s classic lineup. InSoc’s self-produced debut EP echoes key influences such as Devo and Gary Numan. The group’s next effort was electro-freestyle single “Running”, released in 1984 on indie Wide Angle, and featuring vocalist Murat Konar. In 1986, Tommy Boy reissued “Running” with remixes by Joey Gardner and Louie Vega that turned the tune into a club hit and broke the band on a national level in the U.S.

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  1. Trance Master 303


    Thank you very much!

  2. BY FAR… Info. Society (EARLY YEARS) were THE BEST, I THINK the name of the CD “Love INC.” was there down falling All the early tracks/Remixes Were & Still ARE, GR8 to play just for some “Shock value” Being a Dj I take people “On A Musical Journey”. Running is One of the Remixes, (as well as others) really gets the crowd going.

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