Please spare just three minutes to watch this:

Learn More About These Atrocities At:


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  1. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    It’s a very sad story. The director was interviewed on (of all places) The Daily Show earlier this week. Unfortunately, this story isn’t surprising in the least. We humans seem to have an uncanny knack for fucking up this planet at an ever-increasing rate. I hope, in this case, the elephant-poaching can be stopped, but it doesn’t seem likely…

    • Thanks Tom. Yes, it was good to see Kathryn Bigelow interviewed by Stewart to promote the project. However, I do agree that the prospects for change are not optimistic. Humans are the worst enemy of everything: animals, the environment, and themselves.

      • Tom in Portsmouth, NH

        Shelf, I spent some time at their website,, and came across the following: This site is here to help you convert your anger, your sadness and your compassion into action. Use it!

        So I clicked on Make A Donation. They list five different charities that are working on this issue. How to choose? They’re probably all very good, but my funds are limited so I had to pick one. Charity Navigator gives 4 stars (their highest rating) to WildAid, so they win. Wish it could be more, but it feels good to take some action in this fight.

        • Smart of you to do some research at CN before choosing one of the recommended organizations to support. That’s definitely a cause for which we most rely mainly on others to make a difference, and I will be happy to make a contribution, as well. Thanks again, Tom.

  2. What a brilliant film. I’ve shared with my friends and they are sharing too. I’ll also be making a charitable donation and hopefully lots of my network will do to. Thanks for spreading the word Shelf. Once again, we are not worthy… Rob

    • Much appreciated, Rob. It is incredibly upsetting to think that elephants could be extinct in 11 years. This campaign is vitally important to the safety of both elephants and humans. Thanks for spreading the word and supporting the cause.

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