Still Lost in the Clouds

I finally figured out what happened to my files hosted on ADrive. After the majority of uploads were mysteriously made private a couple of months ago, I shared them again, thinking that they would then be available. However, when files are unshared and then shared again on ADrive, new download links are created, rendering the prior ones inactive.

As I don’t have the time to replace all those old links, my advice is to grab whatever files that are still available while you can (currently posts from 8 May 2014 to present).

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  1. Dj Shelf last month i use my post on ADRIVE example Akasa – one night in my life (uploaded in june 2014) and again share in public. Yesterday i check this link still works. I have problem when i try delete or cancel file from there ADRIVE tried cancelled my oll upload acount .Why ADRIVE do that becaouse you in this meaning always use free upload never premium.
    I use from there free upload and of 50 giga i have yet 34 giga free upload. If i delete or cancel my post again i have more free space.
    People see this my old link from this page dont work
    AKASA – ONE NIGHT IN MY LIFE'%20UK‘)%201989.rar
    this link dont work but this i share on ADRIVE AGAIN
    need time for that is couple seconds
    NEW LINK'%20UK‘)%201989.rar
    Yes new links must maded i think for our or two i ill be re up alll my link here quickly
    BABY JUNE – HEY WHATS YOUR NAME VINYL 12 UK 1992!%20What's%20Your%20Name(Arista%20-615%20271%20Vinyl%2012%20UK%201992).rar
    NEW LINK IS!%20What's%20Your%20Name(Arista%20-615%20271%20Vinyl%2012%20UK%201992).rar


  2. That is why whenever I get an email reminding me that Methods of Dance has a new post, I get the download quickly.There is never a guarantee these download sites wont delete postings.

    Join the other 176 followers of this group and be sure not to miss a single post. I look forward to each post and have been introduced to many great tunes and artists.

    Thanks Shelf for the time you spend on the site :)

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