01 Kaleidoscope (Radio Edit)
02 Kaleidoscope (Lens Of Atlantic Remix)
03 Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)
04 Kaleidoscope (L.S.G. Remix)

INFO > Simon Berry founded Platipus Records in 1993; the trance label’s early releases were produced by Berry under various aliases: Art Of Trance, Poltergeist, and Union Jack (the latter with Claudio Giussani). Released in 1996, “Kaleidoscope” was Berry’s sixth single as Art Of Trance; the track was remixed by Sunday Club and Oliver Lieb.

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  1. Trance Master 303


    Simon Berry is a Trance God and everything on PLATIPUS was just pure Gold!!! Love it!

  2. I agree. That unique Platipus sound. I still often listen to Union Jack’s album There Will Be No Armageddon. A great ‘journey’.

  3. Trance Master 303

    You are right! That entire album is AWESOME. Union Jack is his best project. I listen to Frommage (based on Bach/Gounod’s AVE MARIA) and Two Full Moons all the time, to this day! And the first 4 Platipus compilations are INSANE!

    Thanks again!

  4. Trance Master 303

    Is there any way you would be able to upload ALL the various remixes of “JOSH WINK – HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS” like you have done with other releases.

    I have a lot of them but not a complete set. There have to be at least 15 official remixes of it: http://www.discogs.com/Wink-Higher-State-Of-Consciousness/master/45817

    (The same would be great of other classics like Armand Van Helden’s Witch Doctor, Planet Soul’s Set U Free, etc.)

  5. I’ll work on “Higher State.” I previously posted “Witch Doktor” but the link is out of order.

  6. Trance Master 303

    yeah, I just saw that … too bad I missed out on that .. I think I had 5 Witch Doctor vinyls with various mixes … would have been nice to listen to them again … killer track …

    I don’t even know how many Wink/Winc/Winx vinyls I had but they filled up half a crate … lol … I bought just about anything he put out … I even had a “Are You There” promo, which only had the phrase “Are You There” as a single loop … lol

    I played “Higher State” so much that I had to re-purchase that vinyl six times. My favorite White Labels were “Higher State Of Bring The Noise” and “Blue Eyed Devil (Higher State vs. When Doves Cry)” … I can’t believe we used to pay $20 for these white labels and now you can just find millions of mashups everywhere … lol

    aah the good ol’ vinyl days … I sold my turntables after someone stole my entire music collection (4000 vinyls and 3000 CDs)

    …. but I digress … Thank you in advance for the Wink set! I really look forward to it.

    I hope one day there is a chance of a re-upload on Crescendo and Armand Van Helden.


  7. Trance Master 303

    Just thought of three great Astralwerks records I cannot find anywhere … used to play these a lot!

    – Amorphous Androgynous ‎– Liquid Insects (prd-FSOL)
    – Fierce Ruling Diva ‎– I Need Drugs
    – Freaky Chakra ‎– March Of The Tangent Prone EP

    and this classic: Prohibition ‎– Prohibition Groove

  8. Trance Master 303

    Yeah, I have been trying to “restore” my collection ever since, but of course, as you know, most of the 90s techno/house/breakbeat vinyls (and especially white labels) I had will never be found anywhere.

    Love all the stuff I find on this site though!

    (still hoping one day you will re-up Crescendo – Are You Out There one day … lol)

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