Other ‘Methods Of Dance’

I recently investigated the search engine results from ‘methods of dance’ and thought I might share the most notable with you.

First and foremost is Japan’s “Methods Of Dance”, a track from the band’s 1980 LP, “Gentlemen Take Polaroids.” That song is the source of this blog’s name.

The Japan tune may have also inspired the title of 1981 compilation “Methods Of Dance”, released by Virgin Records. The collection features an assortment of commercial and underground dance tracks. A second volume was issued in 1982, and a much belated CD edition was released in 2008. As part of the Virgin Records 40th Anniversary celebration in 2013, six new multi-disc collections were compiled, showcasing the scope of the label’s catalog; the “Methods Of Dance” title was reused for one of them.

If the name Methods Of Dance hadn’t already been taken on Blogger, this site would have a different home. Over there, Methods Of Dance is maintained by Peter Jacobs and devoted to dance and culture in the North West of England.

On personal publishing platform Cargo, photographer Andrew F has a series of images labeled Methods Of Dance.

Back in 1983, Neil Morrison designated a rock climbing route in Scotland as Methods of Dance.

Spanish producer Robert Calvin titled his 2004 EP “Methods Of Dance.” The release includes an electro cover of Blancmange’s “Blind Vision.”

Perhaps the most interesting discovery I made is an unsigned band named Methods Of Dance from Boise, Idaho. Self-described as a ‘progressive social dance quartet’, the indie group was active between 1984 and 1991, during which time they recorded three albums. The band reunited not long ago, and opened for Peter Murphy at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City, Idaho back in July 2013—check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Chris i dont believe you read my mind two weeks ago i download this song
    06 – Methods Of Dance.flac
    reason is i think miself why you called this bolg Method of Dance
    and go on net find that song .Yes Japan (David Silvian)
    Now you made page of that i dont know what is happend here by many times you and i have same things on mind weird isnt .

    Long live one of the best blog on Net MOD by DjShelf
    and great humanitarian for animals and nature my best friend

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