The Age Of Love


01 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Radio Edit)
02 The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)
03 The Age Of Love (Sign Of The Time Mix)
04 The Age Of Love (New Age Mix)
05 The Age Of Love (OPM Mix)
06 The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix)
07 The Age Of Love (Flying Mix)
08 The Age Of Love (Radio Version)

INFO > Bruno Sanchioni and Giuseppe Chierchia helped to define the trance genre with their 1990 one-off single, “The Age Of Love.” The tune became an international hit when React licensed the release and reissued it in 1992 with new remixes by Jam El Mar & Mark Spoon and Marc Andrews.

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  1. Awesome track! Loved it when it came out, still love it now! Thanks Shelf.

    • I’m always glad when you leave a comment because it reminds me to check your blog for new posts! I get so engrossed keeping MOD updated that I forget to see what everyone else is doing. Cheers RA.

  2. Great Track. Thank You ! I had never heard many of the mixes on this CD.

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