Texas Cowboys


01 Texas Cowboys (Master Mix)
02 Rise
03 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
04 Cheerleader Song
05 Texas Cowboys (Edit)*

*Bonus track


01 Texas Cowboys (Radio Mix)
02 Texas Cowboys (Ricochet Mix)
03 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Mix)
04 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Dub)
05 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
06 Texas Cowboys (Low Plains Prankster Mix)

INFO > “Texas Cowboys” was Dave Ball & Richard Norris’ first release for Deconstruction under their guise as The Grid. The novelty techno tune served well as a template for the duo’s follow-up, “Swamp Thing.” In the wake of that banjo-driven hit, Deconstruction reissued “Texas Cowboys” in 1994 with a couple of new mixes. Not to be overlooked on the original EP are “Rise” and “Cheerleader Song”, the latter featuring Guy Barker.

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  1. Thanks, you read my mind :)

  2. So much for Avicii getting credits for mixing house with country.

  3. Oh my I was so into The Grid! We listened to Music For Dancing before clubbing on a regular basis. Loved the unusual (for the time) electronic blending of styles. Sounds dated now, but i still love it! Mr. Ball’s pedigree is known to any readers of this lovely blog who enjoy a bit of Soft Cell (I’m sure there are lots who do). Mr. Norris of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve and Time And Space Machine is one of my favorite musical madness makers. Class acts from beginning to end the both of them. Thank you sir!

  4. The GRID rocks ! Thanks

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