I Wanna Get Back With You


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 Situation (Aggressive Attitude Part II Mix)
03 Situation (Sorrow Always Leads To Love Mix)
04 I Don’t Think So (LP Version)


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 I Wanna Get Back With You (LP Version)
03 Situation (The Extended Mix)
04 Situation (LP Version)

INFO > Among the diverse pool of talent on Tom Jones’ 1994 album “The Lead And How To Swing It” is Tori Amos, who sings backing vocals on ballad “I Wanna Get Back With You.” That single also features Jones’ cover of “Situation”, for which Martin ‘Youth’ Glover revisited his 1990 ‘Aggressive Attitude Mix’ of the Yazoo classic, and cheekily tossed in the keyboard riff from “Don’t Go.” Glover’s ‘Extended Mix’ is digitally exclusive to the US promo.

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  1. Didn’t know Mr. Jones covered Erasures’ Situation! Thanks for the education. Another great post.


  2. OMG, I never thought I’d get these back. I had these, sold them and never backed them up. Thank you, Shelf! Tom’s The Lead And How To Swing it wasn’t that bad. I really enjoyed the first single, “If I Only Knew.”

    • The first time I saw Tom Jones live was in 1995 on a club tour to promote “The Lead And How To Swing It.” He was great – found a perfect balance between the new material and his classic stuff. I’ve seen Tom perform live several times since and he always played “If I Only Knew”, prefacing the song with a short story about how that album was such a risk, and that everyone involved was so relieved when it became a hit.

      • If i only knew was the first Tom Jones song i ever heard and i loved it – i loved the video too. yes, i remember, at the same time i hated the Grid’s “Swamp thing” (i think i mentioned that), now i like both songs))

        you posted Situation a while ago (compiling four tracks from both singles), now in the wake of Yazoo/Situation/Youth you’re re-posting the two entire singles. much appreciated.

    • Yes, thought I would re-post these properly this time.

      You know what – I’ve never seen the video for “If I Only Knew”!

  3. Talking about “If I Only Knew”, does anyone have that cd single?

  4. Hello AmbientDinosaur Here’s If I Only Knew,Enjoy

  5. Thank you! Like I suspected, it is a nice collection of mixes.
    I will continue to look for a rip with 320 kbps.

  6. por favor el link esta muerto, gracias.

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