Situation (1990 Remix)


01 Situation (Remix Edit) 02:24
02 State Farm (Madhouse Mix Edit) 03:19
03 Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix) 06:54
04 Situation (Space Dub) 04:56
05 Situation (Deadline Mix Edit)* 02:40

*Bonus track


01 Situation (1982 US Remix) 05:45
02 State Farm (Original 12″ Mix) 06:47
03 Situation (Original 7″ Mix) 02:27
04 State Farm (Alternate Edit) 04:11
05 Situation (US Remix Edit)* 03:46

*Bonus track

INFO > In between Depeche Mode and Erasure, Vince Clarke forged a brief but successful partnership with Alison Moyet as Yazoo (Yaz in the US). “Situation” first appeared as the B-side to Yazoo’s 1982 debut single, “Only You.” François Kevorkian remixed the track for a 12″ release in the US, and created an enduring dance classic. The tune was revisited in 1990 with new mixes from Kevorkian, Youth, and Mute main man Daniel Miller with Mark Saunders. Also, Paul Dakeyne updated “State Farm,” originally the B-side to “Nobody’s Diary.” The second CD single features Kevorkian’s 1982 remix and the original versions of both “Situation” and “State Farm.”


Yaz “Situation” (1982 US 12″)

This was the first cover of the US 12″, before the artist name was changed to Yaz due to a legal complaint from US based Yazoo Records. The Sire Records release features François Kevorkian’s 12″ Remix and 12″ Dub Mix.

The official video for the 1990 remix is rather pointless:

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  1. Thank you so much for these! Doubly so the bonus tracks. :-)

  2. Thanks. I Love it on these last few posts you went on a Yaz kick !

  3. I have the US Cassette Maxi Single of the ’90 mixes (from ’91). I never understood why it featured the full length mixes of The Aggressive Attitude Mix and Deadline mixes of “Situation” and “State Farm (Madhouse Mix)”…yet, the CD Maxi had only one full length mix (The Aggressive Attitude Mix) and the others were edits. One would think the full length mixes would have been included on the CD Maxi, right?

    There is also a second Deadline Mix Edit that is just under 3 minutes long. I’m not sure what release it’s from, but I have one that’s 2min 56sec in length.

    • Yeah, that was a bit baffling. The UK CD single is understandable in that it had to adhere to a certain length and number of tracks to be eligible for chart placement. And I’m assuming that the full-length ‘Aggressive Attitude Mix’ was included because Youth was hot at the time. However, as you know, US CD singles typically provided great value back then – including additional mixes or even combining the contents of two UK CD singles. This was often the case for the Mute releases licensed by Sire, so it’s surprising that this “Situation” release wasn’t expanded for the 1991 US CD issue.

      That 2:56 edit of the ‘Deadline Mix’ appears on the UK promo CD: Might be on a European compilation, too. Could you upload or send that to me?

  4. Same for Don’t Go, as I had the 12″ of Don’t Go Re-mix thats 8:28 long and I don’t recall which 12″ I got it from.

    • That 8:28 mix is actually 2 tracks on the 4 track CD Single, CDYAZ001. Tracklist…
      1 Don’t Go 2:56
      2 Winter Kills 4:05
      3 Don’t Go (Re-Mix) 4:07
      4 Don’t Go (Re-Re-Mix) 4:21

  5. one of the best mixes of Situation [ other than the original and Youth mixes ] came from Richard X and was only on a compilation called ‘Future Retro’

  6. classic Yaz er Yazoo, I’ve always loved the Ultimix remix by Les Massengale. It was on issue 38 released in 1991 extending the “State Farm” Madhouse Mix Edit to a 6 minute plus.

  7. Thanks for the Yaz, btw….how rude of me not to say thanks… :)

  8. I had to dig up the Flac rip of the 1996 Yazoo – Don’t Go (Mute CD YAZ 001) and burn to audio CDR then rip tracks 3 and 4 into one wave here:

    (4411khz stereo Yaz – Don’t Go (Re-re-mix extended).wav 89MB)

  9. If anyone is interested, and have not heard Mat Pop’s Yazoo mixes, I suggest that you check them out. My favorite is his mix for “I Before E…” He has a few on YouTube. Here’s where I’ll try an embed the video…

  10. Hello djShelf,
    I haven’t been here for a while, but just recently checked in. Thank you so much for the recent Yazoo posts!

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