Don’t Go + Situation (1999 Remixes)


01 Don’t Go (Tee’s TNT Radio Mix)
02 Don’t Go (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
03 Situation (Club 69 US Radio Edit)
04 Situation (Club 69 Future Phunk Mix)
05 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Radio Edit)
06 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Visits The Dome)
07 Situation (Dave Ralph’s Tea Freaks English Breakfast Mix)
08 Don’t Go (MT’s Dub)
09 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Visits The Dub)
10 Don’t Go (Digital Blonde Instrumental Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > To promote the US release of 1999 collection “The Best Of Yaz”, Reprise/Mute issued a double A-side single comprising new mixes of “Don’t Go” and “Situation.” In the UK, the remixes of “Don’t Go” backed “Only You” on two CD singles. And although a couple of tracks from the UK issue of “Situation” are repeated, there are other versions here not present on that release. Todd ‘The God’ Terry proves himself merely mortal with a faithful but uninspired update of “Don’t Go”; however, his dub version is more inventive. The Digital Blonde instrumental bears nothing in common with the original—even an attempt to incorporate that famous synth riff comes off unrecognizable.

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  1. Thank you so much Djshelf finaly someone collected all remixes of band Yazoo in one place in best quality
    this is hard and great work
    couple years ago on one blog has been collectoin of mixes but this much much better thank you and long live MOD my friend

  2. Trance Master 303

    I can never get enough of these 80s remixes … I just never tire of them!


    Hope to see more if this type of stuff. I think Club 69 also remixed “Tainted Love”, :Blue Monday”, “Der Kommissar”, “Trio – Da Da Da”, etc.

    Also, do you have anything by ANYTHING BOX like “Living in Oblivion” and “Jubilation”?

  3. Trance Master 303

    You mentioned that there were remixes of ONLY YOU as well …. is there any way you can upload those? That would be awesome!

  4. Dude – Did you ever hear Oozay – A Non Scratching Situation, it was a bootleg and not Alison, but was widely played out in the clubs. I’ll drop box it if you like.

  5. Trance Master 303

    VERY COOL … thanx for OOZAY! Looks like it’s a cover band perfroming the medley:

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