Extra special thanks to Rob in the UK for going above and beyond (and down under) to cross this item off my wants list. Rob purchased a copy from a seller in Australia and had it shipped directly to me. Youdunnit, buddy!!


01 Whodunnit? (Hardbag Mix)
02 Whodunnit? (Original Mix)
03 Joanna
04 Whodunnit? (Fruity Mix)
05 The Awakening
06 Calamity Jane

INFO > This 1994 CD EP combines Mrs. Wood’s first two singles of her trademark high energy techno. “Whodunnit?” B-side “Joanna” was remixed and released as a single the following year.

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  1. Thank you so much Rob this is looking for ages i have this from booth vinyls and thank to you dj shelf to share this realy hard to find cd.I told you someone have that but dont give me couple months ago.This guy dont share this with me.
    Dj Shelf do you hear for this
    Various – Promo Only Progressive Club February 2000 (Promo Only (UK) – POPC FEB 00 CD COMPILATION UK 2000)
    in the future i haved almost all of this various
    till now i have more two

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