Skinnymalinky Foundations

Skinnymalinky Foundations (Display)

01 Mothers Pride – Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix) 07:33
02 Alex Whitcombe – Ice Rain (Original Mix) 09:43
03 RAH Band – Living For The Nightlife (Main Disco Mix) 07:04
04 Yekuana – Canis Loopus (Thousand Rains) 07:25
05 Beat Foundation – Virginia (Golden Mix) 07:01
06 Vadis – Past And Present (The Past) 07:08
07 Beat Foundation – Foundations II (Main Mix) 07:23
08 Satellite – Early Bird (Original Mix) 06:40
09 Rumpus – Space Funk (The Caterpillar) 07:43
10 Beat Foundation – Save Me (Mike Monday Remix) 07:27

INFO > Andrew Cocup (aka Andy Cato aka Big C) founded Skinnymalinky Records in 1995; the progressive house label and its subsidiary Malinky Grooves issued 22 releases before folding in 1998. As Skinnymalinky was mainly a vinyl operation, compiled here are the few tracks from the imprint that were issued on CD.

I originally posted this custom collection in 2011, but was never quite happy with it—there was an error in one track, and it lacked artwork. However, “Skinnymalinky Foundations” is now a proper, finished product, thanks to the generous contributions of collaborators Harry3 and Andrei.

To begin the project, I re-ripped all of the tracks, each from a different source. Then audio wizard Andrei fixed a glitch in “Past And Present” and also carefully balanced the levels to achieve uniform volume. Last but certainly not least, Harry skillfully recreated Skinnymalinky’s generic 12″ sleeve and logo for the cover, and modified that design for the flipside, which includes circular tracklistings and some very clever and personal touches that firmly connect the compilation to this blog.

I’m well chuffed with this new version, and hoping it will delight old fans of the label, as well as convert some new followers. And thanks again to Harry3 and Andrei—I can’t praise you guys enough!


SMR00195 > Mothers Pride “Floribunda”
SMR00295 > Fatback Boogaloo “Wide Open Spaces”
SMR00395 > Beat Foundation “Save Me”
SMR00495 > Mothers Pride “Nightflight”
SMR00596 > Various “The Green EP”
SMR00696 > Rumpus “Feel Free”
SMR00796 > Big C “Daylight”
SMR00896 > Yekuana “Sarawak”
SMR00996 > Beat Foundation “Shelter EP” (Part 1)
SMR01096 > Beat Foundation “Shelter EP” (Part 2)
SMR01196 > Alex Whitcombe “Ice Rain”
SMR01296 > RAH Band “Living For The Nightlife”
SMR01396 > Dan Factory Spook “Same Old Acid, Same Old Lies”
SMR01496 > Sander Kleinenberg “Save The…”
SMR01597 > Rumpus “Atacama”
SMR01697 > Yekuana “Canis Loopus”
SMR01797 > Beat Foundation “Virginia”
SMR01897 > Vadis “Past And Present”
SMR01997 > Beat Foundation “Foundations II”
SMR02097 > Satellite “Early Bird”
SMR02198 > Rumpus “Spacefunk” [Unreleased]


MGR00196 > Malinky Grooves Volume 1 (6 Feet Under/Boomer)
MGR00296 > Malinky Grooves Volume 2 (Brainchild/Hide & Skin)
MGR00397 > Malinky Grooves Volume 3 (Life According To Bozo)


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  1. i totally love Harry’s work (actually the artwork for this compilation is my favourite of his – i like everything about it, from colours to Dachshund logo) – Harry, thank you so much!

    and a big thank you to you, Chris – for original concept and for CD rips of those very rare tracks. i was unaware of Skinnymalinky until you posted some singles and this compilation, so yeah, i have been converted)))

  2. Looking forward to this, love how much care/effort you put into these compilations (and the blog as a whole of course), so thank you Chris, Harry & Andrei (in no particular order)!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work gonna check it out

  4. Fantastic – love it! Well done Chris, Harry and Andrei!!

  5. Ha Chris i found vinyl of Beat Foundation (price on discogs is 465 euro) I have vinyl rip of that almost 4 years and rip of all singles of Beat Foundation .Thank you for this great work.

  6. excellent post here ! thanks, this will most definitely bring some brightness to my dreary commutes each day to work :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments all – Andrei & Chris excellent work as well. Have been listening in my car to and from work for 2 weeks now. I’m in the same boat as Andrei, never heard these before (and I’m a huge Groove Armada fan.). Feel very lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to this awesome site.

  8. Thanks everyone :-) I’m really proud of this project because I feel that Skinnymalinky deserves a much wider audience. It’s a shame that Gusto dropped the ball on a reissue campaign in 2002 – would be great if Andy Cato made the full back catalog available digitally.

    Once again, huge credit to Andrei and Harry for making this possible. Please DL now and enjoy this great music!

  9. Avid follower & big fan.. thanks for all you do to promote quality dance music… sadly, I missed this post last year due to some personal health issues… any chance for a re-up? I have these all on vinyl & would love digital copies… I understand if you can’t… Thanks in advance!

  10. A warm welcome to visitors from the Bedrock messageboard. In case anyone is curious as to the CD sources of the individual tracks (all from my personal collection):

    01 Mothers Pride – Floribunda
    SOURCE > UK CD Single

    02 Alex Whitcombe – Ice Rain
    SOURCE > UK CD Single

    03 RAH Band – Living For The Nightlife
    SOURCE > Club Beats Volume 4

    04 Yekuana – Canis Loopus
    SOURCE > Club Beats Volume 5

    05 Beat Foundation – Virginia
    SOURCE > Promo Only Import Series (June 1997)

    06 Vadis – Past And Present
    SOURCE > Various – Massive Hits Of House

    07 Beat Foundation – Foundations II
    SOURCE > Underground Beats Volume 5

    08 Satellite – Early Bird
    SOURCE > Underground Beats Volume 7

    09 Rumpus – Space Funk
    SOURCE > Underground Beats Volume 16

    10 Beat Foundation – Save Me (Remix)
    SOURCE > UK Underground Beats (Series 3 Vol 7)

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