Bizarre Love Triangle


01 Bizarre Love Triangle (Album Version)
02 Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
03 I Don’t Care
04 State Of The Nation
05 Bizarre Love Triangle (Single Remix)

FACT > While 50 Pound Note’s brilliant blog Recycle was still active, I didn’t dare post any Factory-era New Order material here—it would have been pointless to compete with that project’s unparalleled quality. However, with Recycle no longer ongoing, New Order is fair game once again. The band’s 1986 single, “Bizarre Love Triangle” is a dance classic, thanks in no small part to Shep Pettibone’s excellent extension. The tune’s stateside popularity proved indefatigable, so much so that Warner Brothers issued a CD single in 1994—eight years after the single’s original release.

Trivia > When asked by US label reps what the dub version should be named, New Order’s manager Rob Gretton allegedly responded, “I don’t care,” and that’s exactly what was printed (of course, it’s really “Bizarre Dub Triangle”).

LIVE > Peter Hook & The Light are currently on tour, performing New Order’s “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” albums, along with related material from that period. Last time Hooky was in town, I arrived late and missed the band’s opening set of Joy Division tunes; punctuality shall be exercised this evening.

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  1. Righto DJ Shelf, you’re just making up words now…”indefatigable”. Haha… THX MOD!!!

  2. Could you please re-up this single?

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