Planet Rock


Planet Rock (1982)
01 Planet Rock (Original Vocal) 06:22
02 Planet Rock (Bonus Beats) 01:08
03 Planet Rock (Instrumental) 09:12


Don’t Stop… Planet Rock [The Remix EP] (1992)
01 Planet Rock (Original Vocal) 06:25
02 Planet Rock (Bonus Beats) 01:08
03 Planet Rock (Classic Mix) 09:18
04 Planet Rock (In The Pocket Mix) 05:05
05 Planet Rock (House Mix II) 05:49
06 Planet Rock (Bass In The Planet Mix) 07:21
07 Planet Rock (Planet Rock 2000 Mix) 04:39


Planet Rock (2001 Remixes)
01 Planet Rock (Swordfish Radio Edit) 03:23
02 Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix) 07:47
03 Planet Rock (Litman & Cox Club Mix) 08:55
04 Planet Rock (Litman & Cox Tribal Infusion Dub) 06:02
05 Planet Rock (Westbam Remix) 06:17

INFO > In the history of dance music, “Planet Rock” is an indisputable and influential classic. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force released their groundbreaking hybrid of hip hop and electro in 1982. Produced by Arthur Baker with John Robie, the track incorporates elements of two Kraftwerk compositions: “Trans Europe Express” and “Numbers.” While the single has been remixed and reissued umpteen times since its original debut, few of the variations have been notable; the 1992 remix EP and 2001 revisions are among the better efforts.

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  1. martymartymarty

    Amazing, amazing, amazing share! Thank you so much! Many of these (re)mixes are new to me. Very exciting. :-)

  2. Freestyle, my fav, thanks!!!

  3. Thanks!

    Did you add the 5th track to the 2001 release (TBSL2266) yourself?

  4. best of the bunch has always been the ‘Classic Mix’ by Karl Bartos and rightly so…a real shame Oakenfold saw fit to turn it into a pile of garbage though.
    This looks interesting but i wonder if remixing it so many times over is just making the original more appealing !

  5. Thanks for sharing!!!!!! ages searchin for the 1992 remix version!

  6. Trance Master 303

    Absolutely amazing post!!!! WOW! Thank you!

    Do you also have the 2000 Remixes of FALCO – ROCK ME AMADEUS and TRIO – DA DA DA? I think they were by Jason Nevins and Westbam.

  7. Would a Re-Up be Possible ??? Please ???

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