Forgotten Town


01 Forgotten Town (Faded Version)
02 Forgotten Town (Midtown Mix)
03 Forgotten Town (Uptown Mix)

INFO > Brothers Gary, Russell, and Roger Christian, along with Henry Priestman, formed The Christians in 1985. The Liverpudlian ensemble debuted in 1987 with the Laurie Latham produced “Forgotten Town”, which reached 22 on the UK Singles Chart. For its US release, “Forgotten Town” was remixed by Justin Strauss and Murray Elias. As part of the band’s stateside marketing campaign, Island Records pressed promo CDs with sleeve covers personalized for modern rock radio stations in large markets; I recently found a copy branded with the logo of Boston’s now-defunct WFNX.

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  1. Always loved this track. The band on the whole not as much. Nifty little oddity, thanks!

  2. good track any more of the christians

  3. Gustavo Pereira

    Hello, it would be possible to post single When The Fingers Point?

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