Dance With Life


01 Dance With Life [The Brilliant Light] (Edit)
02 Dance With Life [The Brilliant Light] (Full Version)
03 Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Long Version)
04 Help Me

INFO > Bryan Ferry is no stranger to a soundtrack—his music has been featured in multiple movies, dating back to the 1976 flop “All This And World War II”, and more recently in the 2013 cinematic adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.” Penned by Bernie Taupin and produced by Trevor Horn, “Dance With Life” was recorded for the 1996 fantasy film “Phenomenon.” The single release includes two more of Ferry’s soundtrack contributions: “Is Your Long Strong Enough?” from 1985’s “Legend”; and “Help Me” from the 1986 remake of “The Fly.”

LIVE > The legendary Mr. Ferry will grace Philadelphia’s historic Tower Theater this evening as part of a globe-trotting tour to promote his pending new album, “Avonmore.” Ferry is expected to perform classic songs from his 40+ year solo career, as well as choice tracks from the Roxy Music catalog.

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  1. Francis Xavier Cross

    I second the same petition.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yes, a repost would be nice …

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