01 Rain (Al Stone Mix)
02 In My Arms (B.B.E. Mix)
03 First Contact (Vocal Mix)
04 Rain (Live In San Francisco)
05 Sometimes (Live In Oxford)
06 Love To Hate You (Live In Oxford)
07 Rain (Jon Pleased Wimmin Vocal Mix)
08 Sometimes (John ‘00’ Fleming’s Full Vocal Club Mix)
09 In My Arms (Dekkard Vocal)
10 Rain (Blue Amazon Twisted Circles Mix)
11 First Contact (Instrumental)

INFO > With remixes galore, live recordings, and a B-side that was allegedly rejected for use in “Star Trek: First Contact”, this 1997 EP from Erasure provided great value for money.

LIVE > Later today, I’ll be traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see Erasure perform to a sold-out crowd at The Borgata Hotel Casino. The dynamic duo are touring in support of their 16th studio album, “The Violet Flame.” The opening act is Brian Transeau’s new project, All Hail The Silence, featuring vocalist Christian Burns (BT also remixed Erasure’s new single, “Elevation”).

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  1. Awesome! Thank you. :-)

    Enjoy the concert – I’ve heard they’re better-than-ever on this tour…

  2. Cheers Shelf – enjoy the gig. Will there be a concise review?

  3. Love erasure, seen them a few times live, love the new album. Thanks for the post!

  4. Enjoy the show. Saw them kick off their current tour at the Fillmore on Miami Beach, it was great. Check out a live broadcast on the 28th from Boston on yahoo.

  5. i’m not really sure how it keeps happening but just yesterday i downloaded the Dekkard Dub mix (from German single) to add it as a bonus track – thinking that today i would be listening to the ‘entire’ Rain single.

    and yes, enjoy the show – i know that you need these emotion right now :-)

  6. Thank you for this great collection. Another I was never aware of.

  7. saw Erasure in Atlanta last week. Excellent show. In addition their new effort “The Violet Flame” is 10 Stars. My favorite work of theirs besides “Chorus”

    Thanks for the post !

  8. Quick correction. The LIVE concert stream of Erasure from Boston, is tonight, the 27th at 8 PM, on yahoo, not tomorrow night. Sorry.

  9. Hey everyone – thanks for all the comments. The performance at The Borgata was great, as was the live stream from the Boston show on Yahoo (thanks Biffy!). Agreed Pickle – the new album is their best in years. And yes Rob, I do intend to write a review, but I have an unexpected issue to sort out, so I may be offline a few days. Thanks again!

  10. would love to get my hands on the violet flame :remixed CD” on the deluxe box set.. any link would be greatly appreciated :)

  11. I heard the remix CD was excellent.

  12. The 3rd CD of remixes from the box set, is posted on Plixid. Check it out.

  13. One additional bit of info in ref to the Violet Flame CD. It’s being issued on vinyl as a 2 disc gatefold package. Disc 1 is the LP on violet vinyl, disc 2 consist of 6 remixes on white vinyl. Very limited & advance orders are being taken through the end of October, then there will be no additional pressings. Next single is ‘Reason’ with remixes coming shortly.

  14. Thanks for the info DJBIFFY :)

  15. This is one of my top 5 songs from Erasure, and that’s saying something. That Al Stone remix is stellar.

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