01 Horizons (Vocal Mix) 07:18
02 Music (Happy Raw) 10:31
03 Rainfall 06:08
04 Horizons 08:16

INFO > DJ/producer LTJ Bukem (Daniel Williamson) helped pioneer the Drum ‘N’ Bass sound in the early-1990s, and subsequently popularized the genre through his Good Looking Records imprint and its associated sublabels. Bukem’s 1995 single “Horizons” was reissued for Japan in 1997 with a new vocal version featuring MC Conrad. The 08:16 edit of the original mix appears to be exclusive to the Japanese market, and you’ll not find the full-length version of “Music” elsewhere on CD.

Posted on September 20, 2014, in LTJ Bukem. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. wouldn’t expect atmospheric drum n bass from you))) and it is obviously your own CD, pretty rare too.

  2. LTJ Bukem, all kinds of awesome! I met Danny and Conrad one night at Back to Basics, both really nice guys. As far as Drum and Bass mix albums go, you must check out Progression Sessions Vol. 1 by LTJ and Conrad, naturally!

  3. Can we please get a re-up of this?

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