One For The Mocking-Bird


01 One For The Mocking-Bird
02 [I Just] Died In Your Arms (Extended Remix)
03 One For The Mocking-Bird (Extended Remix)
04 Mirror And A Blade (Live)

INFO > It recently dawned on me that 30 years have passed since I first attended high school. This observation is not nostalgic, but rather a reminder that I’m no longer a young lad. Further compounding this middle age malaise is that my best friend’s daughter just went off to college, and at my old alma mater, to boot. On the other hand, my schoolboy years are fondly associated with musical exploration and discovery—the beginning of my collecting obsession.

Cutting Crew is one of those acts that will forever be relegated to the past. The band’s hit single “[I Just] Died In Your Arms” prompted me to purchase their debut LP, “Broadcast,” which was a decent album at the time. The band’s second US single, “One For The Mocking-Bird”, could not match the success of “Died In Your Arms” but still managed to crack the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Tim Palmer produced the remixes on this 1987 UK CD single, both of which are digitally exclusive to the release. Call me sappy, but I was most partial to Cutting Crew’s other big hit, “I’ve Been In Love Before.”

“[I Just] Died In Your Arms” US promo video:

“One For The Mocking-Bird” promo video:

“I’ve Been In Love Before” US promo video:

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  1. That whole CC release was superb, but I do have to say that I’m with you regarding the track ‘ I’ve Been In Love Before’ Thanks Shelf.

  2. It was, and will always be “Died In Your Arms” for me, when it comes to Cutting Crew. For a Pop song, it rocked! This Extended Remix is nice, as it reminds me of the longer album version. The single edit fades out during the guitar, which is a shame, as the synth ending perfectly closes out the song.

    I do like “I’ve Been in Love Before,” but most ballads couldn’t hold my attention for long, and I would become bored with them. Maybe it was because my local radio stations over played ballad releases…I shouldn’t have listened to those AOR stations (haha!!).

    “Mocking-Bird” fell flat. It didn’t have the hook “Died” had. It was more of a Pop song. Actually, I can imagine the song playing during the opening credits of an 80s movie. (Ooh, now I’m thinking of ‘One Crazy Summer,’ and Honeymoon Suite’s “What Does It Take.” Now, there’s a Power Ballad I got into!)

    Thanks for the post, Shelf. Lately, I’ve been on a “download only if I really need/want it” mentality. Funny that Cutting Crew draws me in and prompts me to comment.

  3. Nice post, I do like Cutting Crew, my fave. off “Broadcast” was “Any Colour” .. I have this single already but wanted to comment on yer choice. 1992’s Canadian/UK release only “Compus Mentus” is worth checking out to!.. I used to play “(Another) One Of My Big Ideas” when I did radio back in the day.. choice track!

  4. Yes, It does bring back the memories of High School. Nice nostalgic post ! Thank You !

  5. Always interesting to see which posts generate more in-depth comments and conversations. I wouldn’t have expected anyone to get excited over Cutting Crew, and yet here we are, bonding over a one-hit wonder from our days of youth.

    Any of you guys ever seen the “Saturday Night Live” sketch with Will Ferrell and Horatio Sanz as a wedding band who repeatedly play the opening of “[I Just] Died In Your Arms?” Can’t find a clip of it anywhere.

    • Nice sleuthing there, Sandman! Besides the actual skit, the video is made all the funnier when the guy that posted it adjusts the tracking on his VCR in an attempt to improve the picture quality – now that’s old school. Thanks buddy!

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