Get Higher


01 Get Higher (Album Version)
02 Get Higher (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)
03 Get Higher (Lunatic Calm Remix)
04 Rubberband (Moonshine Vocal Mix)
05 Rubberband (Late Night Cheeba Mix)

INFO > Comprising Shaun Ryder and Bez (Happy Mondays), Kermit and Ged Lynch (Ruthless Rap Assassins), Paul Wagstaff (Paris Angels), and Danny Saber, Black Grape could be described as Happy Mondays on steroids (which is probably one of the few drugs that Ryder hasn’t tried). The indie ‘supergroup’ produced two albums and seven singles in the mid-1990s. “Get Higher” was one of the band’s last releases, featuring remixes from Rollo & Sister Bliss, Lunatic Calm, and Blue Amazon.

Posted on September 15, 2014, in Black Grape, Blue Amazon, Rollo, Sister Bliss. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Trance Master 303

    Thank you for all the great releases!!!

    There are so many uploads here that I used to have on vinyl!

    Is there any way that you can re-upload “CRESCENDO – ARE YOU OUT THERE”.

    It’s one of my faves of all time and impossible to find in its entirety!!!

  2. Trance Master 303

  3. dj shelf i have all singles of BLAK GRAPE ilove so much Happy Mondays but thanx anyway

  4. This tune always reminds me of the movie with Bruce Willis “The Jackal” ..every time that movie is played I seemed to get suckered in …doh!

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