Heaven [Feel An Extremity]


01 Heaven (Radio Edit)
02 Heaven (Radio Mix)
03 Heaven (Blue Amazon Remix)
04 Heaven (Kulturni Program Remix)
05 Heaven (Sky Soaring Remix)
06 Heaven (Way Out West Remix)*
07 Heaven (James Holden’s Ariane Dub)*

*Bonus tracks

INFO > As Ultra Violet, Simon Allert and Sandra Baschin recorded only two singles, of which 2000’s “Heaven” is the better known. The release was jointly issued by MFS in Germany and Silver Planet Recordings in the UK, although this CD single is a product of BMG Berlin Musik. Added as bonus tracks are the Way Out West and James Holden reworks exclusive to the Silver Planet package.

Posted on September 14, 2014, in Blue Amazon, Ultra Violet, Way Out West. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. big thanks for this one ! I have both the Silver Planet 12″ers and its always been Chris Zippel’s mix that was my fave, Glad to have it from cd as the vinyl isn’t the best of pressings

  2. fun fact: Kulturni Program is a bit incorrect for russian “культурная программа”, so it should be “Kulturnaya Programma” (cultural program). but “Kulturni Program” is more fun))

  3. Have never heard this song or its mixes before. Thanks for the post

  4. One of WOW`s finest remixes.

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