Club Together 3


1.01 Ken Doh – Nakasaki (Original 12′ Mix)
1.02 Inner City – Your Love (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Mix)
1.03 Up Yer Ronson – Lost In Love (Mollison & Malone Mix)
1.04 Gusto – Discos Revenge (Mole Hole Dirty Mix)
1.05 Pulse – The Lover That You Are (Soul Solution Vocal Mix)
1.06 Heller & Farley Project – Ultra Flava (Original Edit)
1.07 Sweet Mercy – Happy Daze (Morales Merry Dub)
1.08 Black Magic – Fredom (Bottom Dollar Pumped Up Vocal Mix)
1.09 Angelheart – Come Back To Me (Swoon Dub Mix)
1.10 Boogie Buffet – Back To Boogie (Revival Mix)
1.11 François Kevorkian – Mindspeak (Original)
1.12 Tone Theory – Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities (Derrick Carter)
1.13 Dajaé – Day By Day (Deep Dish Mix)
1.14 Alcatraz – Giv Me Luv (Original 12′ Mix)
1.15 K-Klass – Let Me Show You (Klub Mix)

2.01 Lisa Marie Experience – Keep On Jumpin’ (Bizarre Inc. Remix)
2.02 Self Preservation Society – The Whoop (Original Mix)
2.03 Vague – Disco Biscuit (TWA Mix)
2.04 Dana Dawson – Show Me (Motiv 8 Mix)
2.05 Sasha – Be As One (Original Mix)
2.06 SNJ Works – State Of Play (Sub Mix)
2.07 Bedrock – For What You Dream Of (Holy Trinity Mix)
2.08 J Daniel – The Way (The Outsider Mix)
2.09 Blu Peter – Pictures In Your Mind (Arabesque Mix)
2.10 Chaka Boom Bang – Tossin’ And Turnin’ (Original Mix)
2.11 Pizzaman – Sex On The Streets (Red Jerry Remix)
2.12 X-Press 2 – The Sound (Hardhead Mix)
2.13 Kadoc – The Nighttrain (Original)
2.14 Stix ‘N’ Stoned – Outrageous (Original Mix)
2.15 Kamasutra – Storm In My Soul (Kama’s Long Trip Mix)

INFO > The “Club Together” series was expanded to two discs for the third (and final) installment in 1996. However, more is not better; there are plenty of weak selections here, and the tracks are poorly segued together. Looking at this, you’d think that every club in the UK was playing only handbag during the mid-1990s.

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  1. agree that there are some weak tracks on this compilation. However, there is one classic jem found.

    2.04 Dana Dawson – Show Me (Motiv 8 Mix)

    thanks for the post :)

    • About half the tracks are good, which is why EMI should have stuck with the single disc format. Anyway, there was no lack of superior compilations (both mixed and unmixed) available during that period.

  2. How can I add a post to share some music mate???

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