The Morelings at The Grape Room

The Morelings at The Grape Room

Last Wednesday, The Morelings made their second live appearance, performing at The Grape Room in Philadelphia’s trendy Manyunk neighborhood. Despite the mid-week booking on a lovely summer evening, a decent sized crowd gathered at the modest venue off Main Street.

Inspired by post punk and shoegaze, The Morelings’ sound is atmospheric and solemn, evoking the works of classic 4AD bands like Cocteau Twins and Lush, but without being imitative. Vocalist and bassist Kedra Caroline and guitarist Matt William were accompanied by hired drummer Chris Cotter at The Grape Room; the trio’s set started just after 9:00 PM.

From the opener, “Only”, the first thing that immediately struck me was that this seems like a band that’s been together for a while, not a fledgling group playing their second show. The Grape Room can hardly be described as acoustically ideal; however, The Morelings sounded balanced, and large for a three-piece. Textured guitar and pulsing bass were complimented by raw, almost tribal drumming. And with her glowing appearance and ethereal vocals, Kedra is a mesmerizing frontwoman.

There was a consistency and cohesiveness to the eight song set of original material, suggesting that it could be an album played live. Throughout the evening, the group sounded tight and together—again, not at all like newcomers. My one gripe was with the low mixing of vocals, which made it difficult to discern lyrics.

The Morelings are a band with refined talent and great promise. They plan to be in a studio sometime this fall, so we can look forward to recordings in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates here and on social media:


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