Various Artists – THE BANK

The Bank CD 1

Over at our sister blog, THE BANK, we’ve finally reached the 100th post. To celebrate that milestone, I have compiled three volumes of tunes that were all classics at the former Philly dance spot.

Design dude Harry3 produced the packaging pictured above; you may recall that Harry also created the artwork for our custom Pet Shop Boys project, “Production.” The man certainly has undeniable skills and style.

For additional information, tracklistings, high quality images, and withdrawal links, please visit THE BANK.

(Please note that BANK100 will be that blog’s final update)

By the way, sorry I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately—flaking on updates and not responding to comments. Sadly, the old job gets in the way of doing fun stuff, as most of you can relate. Also, I’m still out there rescuing wildlife on a frequent basis. And honestly, it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about leisure pursuits given all of the horrible things happening around the world. This planet could use more peace, to say the least.

I’m heading off on a little holiday with the family, so the blog will be static for a while. Anyway, I know you all are understanding.

As always, thanks for your support of the blog.

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  1. THANKS ! Great post, Art work , and site (The Bank)

  2. Thanks for the remind…nice set of compilations w/ great art!

  3. Great post, indeed! And don´t worry about your virtual life…Enjoy your time in real life! It´s precious! :D

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