Big Love

Hal David and Burt Bacharach couldn’t have put it better:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…”


01 Big Love (Eat Me Edit)
02 Atlanta (CD Edit)
03 Big Love (The Dronez Mix)
04 Big Love (Original Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > In 1999, I vaguely remember reading in Muzik magazine that Pete Heller recorded “Big Love” while Terry Farley was off on holiday—when Farley returned, his production partner’s debut single was topping the charts around the world. The story may be a bit exaggerated, but only just so; “Big Love” is one of the last truly great summer house anthems. The simple yet infectiously uplifting groove samples Stargard’s 1979 disco single, “Wear It Out.”

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  1. Dj shelf you are great man with big heart and big soul i know that,
    thanx man for everythig i always told you are not man from the West you are man of the World i mean better World for everyone
    living being
    I will never give up hope for a better tomorrow

  2. This Song was a real WONDERFUL CHANGE, from “The Norm.” that was being played (even by me) in the clubs. GR8 / Jay

  3. thank you djShelf.

  4. The story of this record is even more interesting than stated. Heller had made the track by himself – he was the side of the Heller & Farley duo with the studio skills – and when he played it to Farley Farley immediately wanted to shop it etc. Heller decided since he had made 100% of the track he would go it alone. He shopped it initially to a popular label at the time and the owner (I forget who) offered him money to sign it on the spot basically.

    Heller, sensing it could be big, held off and eventually signed with Essential Records which Pete Tong had just started. It was then signed to US label Subliminal who had remixed with additional vocals – which Heller is said to have disliked. The deal was conditional on Submliminal not shipping copies it to UK because they would hinder the record’s sales chart position in the UK. Sadly, tons of copies were sold to the UK and it meant the single only reached #12 in the UK – compared to #1 in the US. To this day ask Heller about Eric Morillo and the story wont be pleasant at all.

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