Emergency (The Remixes)


01 Emergency (Radioactive)
02 Step Right On!
03 Emergency 911
04 A World Full Of DJs
05 Smell Of Spring
06 It’s Time

INFO > This 1995 EP from über producer Paul van Dyk is ‘dedicated to all those who work for the emergency services.’

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  1. holy sh*t, these are Soviet cars! scale models 1:43 – had been manufactured in Saratov. i actually had two of them: a asedan (GAZ-24 “Volga”) and a van (RAF-2203). and the other one – KAMAZ – i had a different version. i think, i still have them somewhere. oh my!

    in case of fire – call 01
    in case of road accident – call 02 (ГАИ – МИЛИЦИЯ)
    need medical help – call 03
    these phone number are still essential

    • Very cool! I imagine that such models (and perhaps actual vehicles) were also available in East Germany (where van Dyk grew up) during the Soviet era.

      Interesting that van Dyk designated his remix of the title track as “Emergency 911” given that 911 is the emergency number in the US. In Germany, it’s 110 for police and 112 for fire and medical.

      Thanks Andrei!

  2. Thank you dj shelf
    bravo Andrei

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