Belo Horizonti

Game on! The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicks off today.
Which countries do you predict will play in the final match?


01 Belo Horizonti (Brix Radio Edit)
02 Belo Horizonti (Original Mix)
03 Belo Horizonti (Brix Edit)
04 Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny HWW Mix)
05 Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny & The Dubaholics Remix)
06 Belo Horizonti (Morales Radio Edit)
07 Belo Horizonti (Def Rascal Mix)
08 Belo Horizonti (Boss Club Mix)
09 Belo Horizonti (Jaxx After Hours Dub)
10 Belo Horizonti (Track Paradiso)

INFO > Also known as The Dub Duo, Italian producers Claudio Coccoluto and Savino Martinez released “Belo Horizonti” as The Heartists. Inspired by the music and culture of Brazil, “Belo Horizonti” is a fantastic fusion of samba and house, and pays tribute to percussionist Airto Moreira, whose 1977 composition “Celebration Suite” is sampled on the track. Consolidated here are all unique mixes from the original UK CD single, the second UK issue, and the US CD.

HELP > Anyone have the ‘Rumbledub’ from the German CD single?

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  1. Daniel Marques (São Paulo - Brazil)


  2. There’s a Ramsey & Fen mix as well (unless it’s disguised as something else here). It may have been vinyl-only though.

    I remember this and Bellini’s “Samba De Janeiro”, which is basically the same composition, coming out around the same time, and I’ve never been sure which came first but I always preferred this version for its “looser” feel.

  3. Thank you….

  4. hi. i ‘ m looking for all the david morales remixes, someone can help me? thanx

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