Calm Down

Andrei has been the source of all your Stress this week. Spasibo!


01 Calm Down (Diamond Geezers Edit)
02 Calm Down (Original Club Mix)
03 Calm Down (Safe Sax Mix)
04 Calm Down (Mad Dog Remix)
05 Calm Down (Mindwarp Remix)
06 Calm Down (Route 66 Stress Anthem Mix)
07 Calm Down (Route 66 Dubster)

INFO > In 1994, Chris Day and James Bradley ensured that no dance floor would calm down while their club anthem played. “Calm Down” was remixed by Coyote, Mindwarp, and Route 66; the latter’s ‘Stress Anthem Mix’ namechecks several of that label’s artists, along with various classic UK club nights.

Posted on June 6, 2014, in Chris & James, STRESS. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Thanks, Gonna check it out

  2. Another awesome track – ♥ MOD :)

  3. Another great release, much appreciated. I will be sharing some tracks from my library very soon to give something back, and as a thank you for all the rare 90’s tracks i’ve found here.

  4. without you i wouldnt have learnt about Stress (and some other great labels from the 90s), so thank you back at ya))

  5. Fantastic, have been looking for the full version of the Route 66 Stress Anthem Mix for years.

    • where i can download a copy of “Chris & James – Calm Down (Route 66 Stress Anthem Mix)” full version from? I can’t find a download link.

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