Love Me Tonight


01 Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Xtended Mix)
02 Love Me Tonight (LuvDup Remix)
03 Love Me Tonight (Way Out West Mix)
04 Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint)
05 Love Me Tonight (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Mix)

INFO > Not to be confused with the same-named Philadelphia soul singer, Anthony White recorded two singles for the Italian UMM label in 1993; both were written, produced, and remixed by Gianni Bini and Fulvio Perniola (Fathers Of Sound). Stress licensed “Love Me Tonight” for a 1994 UK release featuring remixes by LuvDup, Way Out West, and James Wiltshire.

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  1. Not familiar with the track but love it
    Thank you for sharing

  2. djbobby k-oz

    Thank You

  3. Dj Shelf thank you what i say you are first posted this CD on net
    2 x 12 vinyl i have from ODay MUSIC ORG. couple years ago realy hard to find till now – excellent master

  4. Thank you so much for this mega post! I was wondering if you or anybody could post the PROMO CD SINGLE for HIDE AND SEEK from PAJAMA PARTY….I know there was a promo release in 1989, I have it on Vinyl only…PLEASE POST IT IF YOU CAN….Thanks in advance!!

  5. yer spoiling us again!!!! thanks chief….

  6. OMG – Awesome…. been lookin’ for this for ages – cheers :)

  7. Fried Pickle

    Love this song. Thanks so much for this post.

  8. thanks

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