01 Perfect (Album Version)
02 Perfect (Nellee Hooper Mix)
03 Perfect (Nellee Hooper Instrumental)
04 Perfect (Perfecto Mix)
05 Perfect (Electro Breakbeat Mix)
06 Perfect (Perfecto Dub)

INFO > Phil left an interesting comment on yesterday’s post, contemplating how many singles by undesirable artists that he’s purchased for a particular remix. I can readily empathize, Phil; Lenny Kravitz is out of place in my collection, but those BT remixes earned him space on the rack. Continuing that theme, The Smashing Pumpkins would not otherwise find favor in my home were it not for the power of Perfecto. The Pumpkins’ 1998 single “Perfect” was reworked by Nellee Hooper and Paul Oakenfold; while Hooper doesn’t stray far from the original, Oakey turns the track into a trance-breaks monster.

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  1. thanks a lot… never heard this before… :)

  2. …(laughs)…. i adored Smashing Pumpkins!! I’d love to meet yer over a pint, we’d struggle to get a word in….. one of my mates adores the Perfecto mix but i think i’d stick with the original (but then i love The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode). I know Oakenfold is talented but i think i prefer his slow stuff (Massive Attack, Frazier Chorus). That said, got a soft spot fot Muse “New Born”…. not that you asked!!!! cheers sir

    • If we’re ever in the same town, I will happily take you up on that offer! Oh, the discussions we’ll have…

      In the late-90s, I collected Oakenfold productions like it was my job. Can’t go wrong with any of his earlier work (up to 1999): Balearic, baggy, house, trance – it’s all good. But after he and Steve Osborne parted ways, Oakey’s output (and decision making) went a bit downhill. In an effort to break through and become popular in the States, Oakenfold really pimped himself. Years later, he sort of recovered and returned to the trance sound that made him famous, but Oakey’s never been strictly underground, nor overtly mainstream. He walks the line very well. Haven’t heard much of his current stuff, but contemporary dance music is generally unlistenable.

  3. I enjoy the variety of these CD singles. True, back in the 90’s it was always interesting to see those hidden trance and dance gems packaged in CD Maxi Singles from artists I would not normally expect from. :)

  4. Dj shelf i dont know how much thanx for this release cheers my friend

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