Supernature (Danny Tenaglia Remixes)


01 Supernature (Single Edit)
02 Supernature (D.T.’s Legendary Club Mix)
03 Supernature (D.T.’s Twilo Club Mix)
04 Supernature (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
05 Supernature (Original)

INFO > Musically active for 40 years now, French producer Marc Cerrone was an incredibly influential artist during the height of the disco era and beyond. Released as a single in 1977, “Supernature” is the title track from Cerrone’s third album and perhaps his best known composition. Remixed several times over the years, the track was reworked by Kevin Saunderson, Danny Tenaglia, Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, and Rachel Auburn between 1994 and 1996.

Written by an uncredited Lene Lovich, the song’s lyrics construct a cautionary tale of the dangers resultant from applying chemicals to agriculture. These “potions” consequently mutate animals, who then exert their new-found power to dominate mankind—in effect, nature exacts revenge upon irresponsible humans.

Regarded as science fiction in the 70s, the song’s message is chillingly relevant today—excessive use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, growth of genetically modified crops and animals, and unchecked factory farming collectively contribute to environmental pollution, destruction of ecosystems, wildlife deaths, and compromised human health. And unlike the fitting fate for humanity posed in “Supernature”, nature has no defense against greed-driven corporations with no respect for the planet.

To learn more about damaging agribusiness, visit Food, Inc.

Discover how diet can improve your health at Forks Over Knives.

Cerrone “Supernature” promotional video:

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  1. Danny & Tommy Moore were the house DJ’s at Cheers in S. Miami. They use to stop by my club after their’s closed at night. Danny went on to fame & fortune when he moved back to New York, & Tommy died of AIDS a year or two after Cheers closed. Seems like a long time ago & yet only yesterday. Thanks for the great post & the info on Lene Lovich.

  2. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    An awesome song on several levels—musically, lyrically, and conceptually. Thanks, Shelf, for these mixes (which I’ve never heard), and for the commentary, videos, and links.

  3. martymartymarty

    Thank you so much! These mixes are fantastico.

  4. Lene Lovich? I never knew that. Thanks

  5. My lucky number’s rung…

  6. The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly.

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