Which New Wave Band Are You?

Here’s another silly quiz to distract you from working:


New Wave Band Quiz

My quiz result > I am THE CURE: You’re a dark and troubled soul, but you’re also a major romantic. Your feelings are almost always very intense, so you spend a lot of your time either delirious with joy or crippled by despair.

Yeah, that’s about right, except for the joy part…

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  1. Talking Heads
    You’re clever and quirky, and a bit out of step with the world around you. You tend to be rather cerebral and introverted, but that doesn’t keep you from letting your guard down and having a good time now and then.

    funny that i’m not even a big fan of Talking Heads)) i guess i have to become one)

  2. I got the B-52’s. Gave me the giggles. My Brit-pop persona was Supergrass. I’d always seen myself as more of a James/New Fast Automatic Daffodils kind of guy. harumph.



  5. The B-52’s. That was amusing, considering when it came to hairstyle choice; I did have mine styled after David Sylvian back in high school and beyond. I also loved that my favorite movie “Withnail and I” was a choice as well. Thanks for sharing a fun and relevant quiz. Love your site!

  6. Elvis Costello and the Attractions. You’re very intelligent and well-read, and have an incredibly dry wit. Your natural charm is a major advantage in your love life, but your romances rarely turn out as well as you’d hope.

    My Britpop one was The Verve. Are they equivalent?

  7. I too am Elvis Costello, and the description was surprisingly spot on! Perhaps this is why “Everyday I Write The Book” has been on my player since ’03.

  8. I am Talking Heads!

  9. Duran Duran. Funny, I hated them when I was a teenager, but I’m quite fond of them now. Still Talking Heads and Elvis Costello are way better: shame on me.

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