Which Britpop Band Are You?

Here’s a fine time-waster for your Monday morning or afternoon:


Britpop Band Quiz

My quiz result > I am PULP: You’re sexy and funny in equal measure, which is a huge turn-on to practically everyone. Sometimes your cheekiness can be a bit overwhelming, but generally it’s adorable and charming, and only adds to your overall appeal. Your seduction methods are unconventional, but very effective. Plus, you’re really good at wearing suits.

Hmm, maybe that was all true around 20 years ago…

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  1. Stone Roses
    Move to Manchester now because your sensitive, brooding soul yearns for gray skies and perpetual drizzle. You’re incredibly down to earth because deep inside, you feel like a woeful underachiever — even though people perceive you as being sharp, brilliant, and mind-bogglingly witty. Also part of your allure is that you look so good in baggy clothes.

    ps. wanted to be Suede, though))) but Stone Roses is okay too)


  3. Fundamental error on the first question. If you call any of those products “candy”, you’re not Britpop. You’re not Brit-anything.

    • Yeah, I think the two New Yorkers that wrote the piece aren’t quite the Anglophiles they think they are. Even still, the quiz is pretty ‘sweet’ ;-)

  4. Blur: You’re cute, quirky, and probably a really good dancer. You’ve got a surprisingly sharp sense of humor, and though you put on a sunny demeanor, underneath there’s a deep well of emotion that sometimes comes out in surprising and heartfelt ways. Also, you’ve got a really great head of hair. Seriously, who does your hair?

    That sums me up just right. ;) “…always should be someone to really love — ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh…”

    On another note, I recommend Damon Albarn’s new album.

  5. Oasis! Oh my god! That’s what you get when half of the choices actually don’t mean anything to you..

  6. I flatly refuse to indulge “Britpop” on any level (he says pompously) cos Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Stereophonics, Cast and the like were utter drivel that convinced dimwits they were indie fans. ask them about The Sound, The Go-Betweens, Game Theory, The Chameleons, The Hummingbirds or Ride (or anything good) and their eyes gloss over. We’ve all met ’em: they think Noel Gallagher’s a poet; they can only name one James song (you know which one)… they probably bought shite like Republica….. (and breathe!!!!).

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