Skin On Skin


01 Skin On Skin (Oakenfold & Osborne 7″ Mix)
02 Skin On Skin (Oakenfold & Osborne 12″ Mix)
03 Skin On Skin (Orange Mix)
04 Skin On Skin (Man With No Name Remix)
05 Skin On Skin (Oakenfold & Osborne Dub Mix)

INFO > In 1995, Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne recycled their ‘Perfecto Mix’ of U2’s “Lemon” as the foundation for Grace’s third single, “Skin On Skin”, and an accompanying instrumental—the cheekily titled “Orange.”

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  1. memory might be failing here: I recall Oakenfold & Osborne releasing “The Orange Theme” way before the Grace project – that track being their remix of U2 with all U2 stripped off. That they turned a great (for its time) trance tune into an insipid, horrible, cheese-fest is one to ponder… (apart from the BT mix of ‘Not Over Yet’ weren’t Grace full-on crap?). so, Skin On Skin (Orange mix) is a re-recording of The Orange Theme. I don’t know if The Orange Theme got a full release, but it was on loads of mix tapes at the time c95

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