Harry Houdini

Today’s musical escape comes courtesy of Andrei.


01 Harry Houdini (New 7″ Edit) 03:49
02 Harry Houdini (UK Pop 12″) 05:56
03 Harry Houdini (UK House 12″) 05:50
04 Harry Houdini (House Dub) 04:54
05 Harry Houdini (House Vocal) 07:07
06 Harry Houdini (Miami Mix) 05:43

INFO > Kon Kan followed up their hit debut “I Beg Your Pardon” with “Harry Houdini.” The 1989 release was remixed by Justin Strauss; consolidated here are unique tracks from the US promo and German CD singles.

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  1. I’ve been trying to get this for years, thanks!

  2. This cd is uploaded on net 2009 i have it from that time in 320 kbps on one Blog .2008 -2011 many quality staff uploaded on net in many Blogs but today censure is high many Blogs is shootdown egzactly about this .Example is Blog Burning The Ground by Dj Pault in this time blog have music like Method of Dance but today music is only from 80;s.Thank you Andrei and Dj Shelf new kids maybe dont have this rare cd.

  3. Thanks so much for this cd-maxi wow awesome.

  4. Had this on vinyl as a young teen – thanks for the upload!!!

  5. link esta muerto, gracias.

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