Big Fun


01 Big Fun (Radio Fun)
02 Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix)
03 Big Fun (Juan’s Magic Remix)

INFO > Released in 1988, club classic “Big Fun” was the debut release from Inner City: producer Kevin Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey. The track first appeared on Neil Rushton’s seminal compilation, “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit.” Combining elements of techno and house, “Big Fun” was a very successful and hugely influential single.

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  1. Thanks Shelf. I have sooo many versions and recordings of this track, but I always download more just to justify quality over quantity. There obviously are a lot of bad recordings of the same track out there…lol! BTW, I had that original ‘Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit’ on dbl. vinyl and CD! Sold them years ago for big $. The LP had a megamix that wasn’t available on the CD. Luckily I recorded that before selling it. Thanks again, as always! (Rob)

  2. I had the CD reissue of the original “Techno!” comp packaged together with the second volume – sold it years ago. Don’t recall them being especially great, but that first volume was pretty big at the time. Thanks RA!

  3. i still play my RARE vinyl and also of good life have ALL inner city tracks and imports on Vinyl

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