The Buttlick “Addicted To Love”

After Really Odd called it a day in 1987, Chris Martin considered having a go at a solo career. Inspired by one of his biggest influences, Martin tackled a cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love.” Recorded in Wildwood, New Jersey during the summer of 1988, this rough demo is far more conventional than Really Odd’s eccentric output. Martin’s free-spirited girlfriend, competitive cyclist/supermodel Gina Q, suggested he adopt a peculiar artist alias: The Buttlick.

Contrary to reasonable assumptions, no alcohol or drugs were involved during the session. Upon hearing the tape, Martin immediately abandoned his solo artist ambitions.

When Robert Palmer died in 2003, Martin was devastated—he regarded Palmer as his musical mentor, even though the two had never met due to a longstanding restraining order.

On a related note, Sonic Youth side project Ciccone Youth also covered “Addicted To Love” in 1988 for “The Whitey Album.” Typical of the band’s lo-fi approach for that LP, Kim Gordon recorded the track in a karaoke booth.

Any similarity between the two versions is not entirely coincidental.

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  1. By the way, you all know it’s perfectly acceptable (and very encouraged) to make fun of me for this. That was kind of the point, actually. Alas, I am disappointed for having not been ridiculed :-(

  2. This is so horrible, I feel nauseous.

  3. Well, it didn’t start too bad… :-) Then, later, the influence of your free spirited girlfriend became more audible…

    Anyway, I enjoy your little personal stories…!

    And I don’t think I have such a cool picture of myself from the time… I was rather shy I guess…

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