Special thanks to Nedzad for sharing this one—yeah mon!


01 Shine (Beatmasters 7″ Mix)
02 Shine (Beatmasters 12″ Mix)
03 Pickin’ Up
04 Shine (Majorwad Mix)

INFO > Internationally renowned reggae group Aswad formed 30 years ago in London, and the band still continues to record and perform. Released in 1994, “Shine” was the lead single from “Rise And Shine”; a remix from The Beatmasters helped propel the song into the top 5 of the UK Singles Chart.

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  1. I have the CD single for ‘Don’t Turn Around,’ but had never heard these remixes. Must have missed them. They stand the test of time pretty well!

  2. Alan i have this record almost 5 years Beatmasters is masters of his work.I have all remixes of this great acid house legends(Shamen,Viola Wills, and others) Any chance to up ‘Don’t Turn Around CD Single on share i dont have it.Thanx

  3. This is the song Boyz II Men ripped off for their “Uhh Ahh” song. I only had the Beatmasters 7″ Mix…so, I look forward to the 12″ Mix. Thanks, Nedzad and Shelf!

  4. @Nedzad….here’s “Don’t Turn Around.” Not really remixes, but still good….a 7″ version, and then a 12″ version that interpolates “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Enjoy!

  5. Thank you Alan for the rip.. we all appreciate it!

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