Heart Of Glass (1995)


01 Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Adorable Edit)
02 Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Adorable Illusion Mix)
03 Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix)
04 Heart Of Glass (MK 12″ Mix)
05 Heart Of Glass (Original 12″ Mix)

INFO > In 1995, Blondie’s back catalog received the remix treatment for compilations “Remixed Remade Remodeled” (US) and “Beautiful – The Remix Album” (UK/EU); the respective releases feature different mixes and share only five common tracks. The band’s 1979 disco classic “Heart Of Glass” was made over by Richard ‘Diddy’ Dearlove, Richie Jones, and Marc Kinchen.

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  1. Thanks so much! Love these mixes, haven’t heard ’em in ages…

  2. Thank you!

  3. Still LOVE the original to this song and the video. So classic Studio 54. Thanks for the post Sheld

  4. please link esta muerto, gracias.

  5. offline! Please re-up! thx

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