Soul Inside


01 Soul Inside (12″ Remix)
02 Loving You Hating Me (Remix)
03 You Only Live Twice (12″ Version)
04 007 Theme

INFO > 1983’s “Soul Inside” was the first single released from Soft Cell’s fourth album, “This Last Night In Sodom.” Truth be told, I bought this for the B-sides: the duo’s inspired cover of “You Only Live Twice”, and a decidedly disappointing interpretation of John Barry’s “007” theme (featured in multiple James Bond films).

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  1. Sorry to contradict you dj, but this single is from This Last Night…. In Sodom, not The Art of Falling Apart. But I do have to agree with you, the 2 John Barry tracks are dire.

    • I stand corrected – thank you Conrad! Not sure why I was confused there, but I have updated the post accordingly.

      Almond’s vocals on “You Only Live Twice” are rather pitchy and over-dramatic (even for him), but Ball’s synth arrangement is quite lovely.

  2. Could you please re-up this single?

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