Indie Top 20 CD88


01 All About Eve – Our Summer
02 Cardiacs – Is This The Life
03 Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man
04 Danielle Dax – Cat-House
05 Crazyhead – Baby Turpentine
06 The Wedding Present – Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm
07 The Soup Dragons – Hang Ten!
08 The Rose Of Avalanche – Velveteen
09 Half Man Half Biscuit – Dickie Davies Eyes
10 Michelle Shocked – Fog Town
11 The Chesterfields – Ask Johnny Dee
12 Wire – Kidney Bingos
13 Bradford – Skin Storm
14 Sweet Honey In The Rock – Chile Your Waters Run Red
15 A Certain Ratio – Mickey Way (The Candy Bar)
16 Ciccone Youth – Tuff Titty Rap/Into The Groovy
17 The Beloved – Forever Dancing
18 The Shamen – Jesus Loves Amerika
19 Pop Will Eat Itself – There Is No Love Between Us Anymore

INFO > From the liner notes: CD88 is a testament to the vital role played by the independent chart. Many of these hit singles have never been and might never be available on CD elsewhere.

CD88 is a collection of outstanding singles that have since become indie classics, and for many, subsequently served as the springboard from their Independent roots to major label and Gallup chart status.

Each track is chosen from the sucessful Indie Top 20 compilations, plus four classic tracks previously not included in the series.

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  2. Never seen this before….thank you!

  3. A great compilation, had the series on vinyl so not seen the CD before. Thanks

  4. classic indie!, thanks!..I have a few of these volumes., but this one is tough one to find on CD.

  5. Yeah, I like the earlier volumes in this series as they featured more dancey material, unlike the later installments which were all indie rock.

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