It Takes Two

Extra special thanks to Andrei for inspiring this post. Spasibo!


01 It Takes Two (Vocal Edit)
02 It Takes Two (Tuff Audio Mix Take 1)
03 It Takes Two (Vocal Version)
04 It Takes Two (Tuff Audio Mix Take 1 Edit)
05 It Takes Two (Instrumental)
06 It Takes Two (Tuff Audio Mix Take 2)

INFO > Our good friend Andrei recently shared this tidbit: as a kid, he hated M People’s “Moving On Up”—really hated it. However, with the passage of time, he now loves the tune. Musing reflectively, Andrei commented that the song remains the same, but he has changed. He inquired if there were any songs with which I had a similar experience; “It Takes Two” immediately came to mind.

While I can now freely express glee over Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two”, my attitude was dramatically different when the single was released in 1988. Mind you, the circumstances under which I first heard the tune were less than ideal. After a night of excess drinking at a party, my buddies thought it would be funny to dump me off at my girlfriend’s house. Despite boasting about my ‘iron gut’ on the ride there, I vomited profusely upon arrival. Thankfully amused by the situation, my girlfriend helped me into her home, and I promptly passed out on the couch.

Early the next day, I was rudely awoken by a seemingly endless rap blaring over a stereo system upstairs. My girlfriend’s brother had just purchased the then-new “It Takes Two” and was playing it over and over and over again. Exacerbated by a horrible hangover, my hatred of the song began that morning. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning—the ubiquitous hit would be inescapable over the next couple of years, and that damn looped sample of “Woo! Yeah!” showed up in countless other tracks.

I don’t recall how or when I came to eventually embrace “It Takes Two”, but it wasn’t until many years after that headache-inducing introduction. Perhaps the repeated exposure finally wore me down. Or maybe it just took a bit more booze ;-) Hit it!

Are there any songs that you once loathed but now love?
Relate your tale of turnaround in the comments section.

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  1. Such a crazy track! And so much fun! Thanks so much. :-)

  2. Coby Johnson & Patrick Lindsey ‎– Walking Saw

  3. An entertaining & fitting story!

  4. I didn’t hate this song, although I DID hate trying to beatmix into the Profile vinyl: what a pain in the ass. I don’t always need a 32 beat intro, but this song is noisy and could have used it. I always seemed to have to play the whole damn thing too, due to that lack of a good break (and I was pretty good with vinyl?)

    In the past dew years, I rediscovered “Get On the Dancefloor” (The Gail Sky King remixes) and I’ve started playing that out again. It’s fun. I like the slowed down Acid Housy synth stabs she used.

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