Pardon Me/Rose Garden


01 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (Boomtang Radio Edit)
02 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (Update Radio Edit)
03 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (Boomtang 12″ Mix)
04 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (Update 12″ Mix)
05 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (Terry Kelly’s Top Kat Dub)
06 Pardon Me/Rose Garden (M-PIRE Dub)

INFO > In 1994, Barry Harris revisited his 1988 hit single “I Beg Your Pardon”—the updated version was retitled “Pardon Me” and remixed by fellow Canadians Terry Kelly and The Boomtang Boys. This would be Harris’ last release as Kon Kan—since then, he’s produced material under his own name; with Terry Kelly as Top Kat; with Rachid Wehbi and Kimberly Wetmore in Outta Control; and most famously as Thunderpuss with Chris Cox.

The original “I Beg Your Pardon” is posted at The Bank.

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  1. Shelf, the file seems to be damaged…Can you check please?
    I´ve tried at least five times and only get 7kb download.

    • Sorry, Junior – ADrive has a tendency to be temperamental. However, I was just able to properly download the file in 10 seconds. Let me know if you continue to experience problems and I’ll upload elsewhere.

    • One advice use MPONY OR FRD DOWNLOADER nothing download problem maximum speed,I never have download problems here with ADRIVE,

  2. I can say this without fear of being chastised…but, I am not familiar with this reboot. I would think that, since I loved “I Beg Your Pardon,” I would have known about this and been all over it.

    I had to wait to download before entering my comment, as I wanted to give the tracks a quick listen. Too bad Lynn’s vocals weren’t used for this, but I would iamgine it was a clearance issue. I like the Boomtang Mix, and I love that the Update Mix uses more of the chorus (which I commented about at The Bank’s post).

    Thanks for the share and for giving something “new to my ears,” even though it’s 20 years old!

  3. Top work DJ Shelf – I don’t think I’ve heard this since the year it came out and then “BOOM” – immediately transported across space and time. I remember belittling the original as a New Order ripoff but I was clearly being very petty way back then… As always, keep up the great work. Your public needs you.

  4. Dj Shelf here is the song amazing stuff comming from America this is only for wise and smart people

  5. well once again you’ve made me smile. I’m saying thanks even before i hear it ‘cos i didn’t know this existed. ok, it might end up being tosh, but as we say in Yorkshire, “Yer learn summat ev’ryday”.

  6. What does the Disposable Heroes track have to do with this again??????????????

  7. Happy to read that everyone’s enjoying this single, and that it’s even a surprise for some :-) While the 1994 remixes don’t improve on the original version, they do have some merit.

    When the original 1988 single made it’s way south to the States, I distinctly remember an unusual promotional strategy wherein neither the artist nor song title were identified when played on the radio (at least in Philly – not sure if they tried this gambit in other markets). Many people mistakenly thought it was New Order.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. I loved the original of this…. and like others that have commented, I never knew this existed – so thank you – Awesome :)

  9. Ok people back on topic…Barry Harris continued to make House music well into to 90’s & early 2000’s. Here’s a good slice of filtered Disco-Tech House from 1997.

    • Thanks Al! By the way, WordPress just gave a notification that the blog has received 100 ‘Likes’, and I think 95 of them are from you! Thanks man :-)

  10. link esta muerto, gracias.

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