Land Of The Living

Very special thanks to eLeMeNOhPeaQ for sharing these singles.


01 Land Of The Living (Radio Edit)
02 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Radio Edit)
03 Land Of The Living (Kristine W Radio Edit)
04 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Radio Edit)
05 Land Of The Living (Album Version Edit)
06 Land Of The Living (Album Version)


01 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Club Remix)
02 Land Of The Living (Deep Dish Land Of The Lost Vocal Mix)
03 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Vocal 12″ Mix)
04 Land Of The Living (Dekkard’s Planet Vocal Mix)
05 Land Of The Living (Junior’s New Vocal Mix)

INFO > Rollo Armstrong and Rob Dougan produced and co-wrote “Land Of The Living”, the title track from dance diva Kristine Weitz’s sophomore album. Here are the US promo and commercial maxi CDs.

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  1. Thank you very much for this one. I have quite a lot of Kristine W’s releases, but never managed to get this one.

  2. eLeMeNOhPeaQ, djshelf, thank you very much. i’m biased, the Dekkard remix – j’adore.

    eLeMeNOhPeaQ, thanks again for George LaMond’s singles – i’m a sucker for such songs))

  3. martymartymarty

    Wonderful, marvellous – thank you so much! :-)

  4. Patti LaBelle recorded this for an album of covers she did a few years ago and had KW duet with her. The album version was more acoustic, and quite good, but there are a few promo mixes floating around that I’ve never seen posted anywhere. I once heard a poor rip on YouTube but it quickly disappeared. Anyway, if anyone likes these mixes, the duet is, in my opinion, a big improvement on a quailty song.

  5. Thank you eLeMeNOhPeaQ couplle years i collected Dekkards remixes on 90’s.I verry respect his work im not shoore but in 80 for (DMC Club) band is Frankie Goes to Hollywood make remix on Remix Culture vol 10.This is rare work of Dekkard.You know what is say in my country ZIVI BILI VI MENI JOS DUGO DUGO ,cheers

  6. Kristine recorded a totally, jazzy vocal for Deep Dish and added additional stims. She revised her vocals for Jr’s NY Vocal Mix. And what has gone unnoticed is the Rollo & Sister Bliss / Kristine W…again a new vocal.

    There is a 12″ promo vinyl for all of Deep Dishes mixes–five on that release. They are scattered throughout the released single. But there is one more mix by Deep Dish—the Deep Dish Radio Edit which can only be found on the first French pressing. It is hard to find a copy of that CD Single or that one remix.

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