Love Is The Drug (1996)

Very special thanks to Musicus for sharing this addictive single.


01 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Edit)
02 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
03 Love Is The Drug (Original Version)
04 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Deep Mix)

INFO > The 1990s were the defining decade for dance culture, giving popular rise to the remix, the mix album, the superclub, and the superstar DJ. During that halcyon period, many classic tunes were dusted off and polished up for new audiences. Roxy Music’s 1975 hit “Love Is The Drug” was injected with new energy by Rowland Armstrong and Ayalah Bentovim for this 1996 reissue.

What’s the deal with Ferry’s eyepatch?

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  1. YES!!! Thank you, Musicus for sending this to djshelf to post! It’ll be nice to get this as a high quality rip. I’ve only heard the Monster Mix, so the other tracks will be a treat!

  2. I have this CD: super rare from what I hear, and really good mixes.

  3. Thank you i cant wait to prelisten Rollomixes
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    • Yes, thanks for pointing that out, Nedzad. We should certainly observe Internationals Women’s Day and honor all of the great contributions to society made by women worldwide.

      Unfortunately, the planet is still run by rich white men :-(

  4. As so often, I’m more than fashionably late to the party… ;-) Glad I could help out, it’s the absolute least I can do after lurking around here for years and (re)discovering so much great music! In a really friendly environment too! :-)

  5. Thanks for this.. only had a crappy rip!

  6. Can you please re-up this single?

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